Being Refined

For what purpose do Christians need refining? What does it even mean to be refined?

Being refined is being purified so we can live a life according to His purpose in holiness. Those that are refined have an insight, a deeper understanding of the word of God and His love.

We must understand that we are refined for a great purpose and our refining God is loving and merciful to us. It is because we were made in the image of God we need refining.

Refining involves change. We must fix our eyes on the greater purpose, the bigger picture, which means to fix our eyes on God. We are to be purified in God not for us to put on a better image of ourselves but for us to have a better and clear image of who God is. This is a continuous process of purification so we could know and reflect Christ more and more in our lives.

Refining involves change but change isn’t always an easy and harmless process. It is through our hardships and trials God sends in our life, that refine us for the purpose to know and glorify him even more.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” -Mathew 5:8

We were created in the image of God and need refining because we are not worthy on our own to stand before a perfect and holy creator. We will fall short of Gods glory again and again (that’s why we need God to refine us).

“Getting rid of your sin will not make you qualified, that’s what refining is for. Trusting in the purifying mercy of God is what will qualify you to be in the refining fire not judging fire. (John, Piper) This is our sign of hope and a test of our trust and dependance in Him…

“The way to experience the fire of Christ as refining and not consuming is to trust his promise to bring us through the fire to endless joy.” (J.P) 

It is only through faith we can be refined because through faith we receive Gods grace.

Do we understand the value and richness of Gods grace? Do we have confidence and trust in God that he will get us through it? Is our foundation in his promise? Are we going to allow and trust God to refine us and to purify us?

God refines us because He loves us. “He is the refining fire of mercy.” –John Piper

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